Josiah & the GreaTER GOOD
Knoxville Home Grown Groove Machine
Third Creek Revival ~ Tom's Handgun ~ The Smugglerz ~ Brandon Rohr
Darian Pagonia and John Gilmore ~Shady Sadie ~ Jeffrey Fratus
Hugh Allen ~ Ryder Pierce ~ Nick Horner Family ~ Lauren Arp

Madman's Diary
The Ultimate Ozzy Experience
Belfast 6 Pack ~ Eric Caldwell and the Cruise Control ~ Pain Was Left For Me
Mass Driver ~ Red Vinyl Gypsies ~ Wasted Major ~ Andie Pirkle ~ Chelsea Heck
Patrick Estep and Laura Brown ~ Kevin Mahoney ~ Greg "Jerzee" Daust
Parker Pressley ~ David Easterling ~ Ben Stroupe ~ Carteret Banks
Tri Cities Jazz Orchestra

Big Gun
#1 AC/DC Tribute Band
Hard Wired ~ Autumn Reflection ~ Endless Horizons ~ Brandon Fulson
Kidd Icarus ~ Civil Strife ~ Dead Beat Scoundrels ~ Skyway61
Chelsea Berry ~ Ayca Yayman ~ Micheal Morgan ~ Alex Forester
Doug Wilhite ~ Shanna Snowden